Working comfort all day long. The mighty yet compact Valtra N Series is the agile workhorse of the Valtra family, with ergonomics and comfort designed for easy and productive working. The LED daytime running lights increase safety in road use. A robust and reliable machine, the N Series is big where it matters. 4 machine configurations to choose from; Versu, Direct, Hitech and Active. Choose the right transmission to suit your needs.

Drive comfortably on all terrain. You get high road speeds, a smooth driving experience on-road as well as high ground clearance and pneumatic front suspension for comfort off-road.

The Stage V engine gives you dependable power, while Start Boost and Superstart give you easy starts under high loads, with easy adjustment via the A-pillar display.

Twintrac Option: Reverse drive system. Drive forwards and backwards.

See everything from the driver’s seat. The visibility is truly excellent. Side window wipers clear your side view and 10 roof air vents help keep the windows mist-free. The LED daytime running lights increase safety and improve your working experience.

Valtra N Series Specification

N 135
4 Cylinder, AGCO Power
135 hp
20 x 20 (Hitech) Creep 30x30
Hitech OC -90L/min Active,Versu & Direct Load sensing 115 /160,200) L/min
570-620 Nm
N 155e
4 Cylinder, AGCO Power
20 x 20 (Hitech) Creep 30x30
Hitech OC -90L/min Active,Versu & Direct Load sensing 115 /160,200) L/min
660-700 Nm
N 175
4 Cylinder, AGCO Power
20 x 20 (Hitech) Creep 30x30
Hitech OC -90L/min Active,Versu & Direct Load sensing 115 /160,200) L/min
680-800 Nm

No challenge is too big and no task is too small for our award-winning N Series. It offers the perfect ratio between size and power, and is exemplary in all-around working comfort. When you need a machine to handle a variety of tasks, the N Series shines on all fronts. Smooth and agile movement, 365 visibility and a powerful 4-cylinder engine mean that any job can be handled with the optimal power, precision and fuel efficiency. And, with Smart Farming built in, you can rest assured your machine does most of the work for you. Twin trac reverse steer option also boosts this tractors functionality and enables to you drive front linkage and rear linkage implements with just the turn of the seat and accessing the second steering wheel at the rear of the cab.


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