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Seng’s Sales and Service your local dealer for VALTRA tractors since 2004

Valtra Tractors are world class, Finnish built Tractors. Valtra Tractors offer a range of tractors from 75hp up to 240hp.


“Our customers regularly feedback to us, that their experience with their Valtra tractors manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency are second to none”. - Russell Seng

When purchasing a Valtra tractor, customers are introduced to a highly unique brand which is internationally recognised for perfection, in both assembly and service. Unlike other major tractor manufacturers, Valtra builds machines against a customer’s order and to their individual specification. To meet these needs the customer, together with their dealer, decide on the tractors specifications, choosing from Valtra’s A La Carte selection which offers up to half-a-millon different combinations. Building against a confirmed customer order represents the future today. This ultimately benefits our customer.


Valtra G Series
A Series N Series S Series   T Series   G Series

Valtra is the second most popular brand in South America and is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries. Individually built to the customers needs, Valtra tractors are renowned for their quality and reliability.

In 2011, Valtra celebrate their 60th anniversary so you know you are dealing with a company that knows and understands what the agricultural industry needs.

Sengs Sales and Service are proud to be sell and service the range of Valtra tractors available within Australia.

To find out more, please visit the Valtra website.

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